CommitKeeper and Campaigns

Automatic Integration

CommitKeeper helps users make and keep their commitments. At, users can associate their commitments with other objects in the Salesforce CRM world. Here’s an example of connecting CommitKeeper with marketing campaigns.

Admin Sets Up ‘Campaign’ as a CommitKeeper Category

In this view of the CommitKeeper Admin Setup screen, we see that the System Administrator has set up the organization to use “Campaign” as one of its categories.

Admin Setup

Requester Makes a New Request

When a Requester makes a request, she may relate it to the Campaign.

Admin Setup

Requester Views the Commitments List

In the Commitments screen (list view), we can see that the new request is related to the Campaign. In this view, we can sort by Category, grouping campaigns.

Admin Setup

Requester Views the Commitment Details

Clicking the commitment in the Commitments screen, brings us to the Commitment Details screen, where we can click to navigate to the Campaign.

Admin Setup

Requester Views the Campaign Record

In the Campaign tab, we find that the new commitment has been entered into the Campaign’s Activity History as a Task.

Admin Setup

Requester Views the Task Record

Clicking on the request in the Campaign Activity History displays the Task record. The user can click the link at the bottom of the record and go back to the detail screen in CommitKeeper.

Admin Setup

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