How to Uninstall CommitKeeper

Here are the steps for uninstalling from your organization. This document assumes you are a System Administrator for your organization, and have already installed a version of CommitKeeper.

1. To begin the uninstall process, go to [user name] Setup

Go to your Setup screen by selecting Setup from your username menu.

Go to Setup

2. Go to Installed Packages

Installed Packages Menu

2.1. Uninstall CommitKeeper

Installed Packages List

2.2. Confirm the uninstall

Salesforce will display a page listing all the components of the package.

Confirm uninstall

2.3. Scroll to the bottom and uninstall

Confirm uninstall

3. If you are installing a new version…

If you have uninstalled CommitKeeper in order to install a new version, the next step is to return to the CommitKeeper listing in the AppExchange. From there, follow the installation instructions.

AppExchange Listing

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